Super Duplex 32750 Round Bar

Super Duplex S32750 Round Bars is steel industrialized for uses that demand corrosion resistance and high strength. These super duplex UNS S32750 rods are used in Marine Applications, Flue Gas Scrubbing Equipment, Pulp & Paper mill equipment, and more. Duplex UNS S32750 bars has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride containing environments.


Deep Steel is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Super Duplex 32750 Round Bar. These super duplex steel S32750 bars and rods are long lasting, precise and strong inn nature. These S32750 super duplex rods has some great features to offer such as excellent quality, nominal prices, market leading rate, very good performance, precisely designs, and accurate dimension. Super Duplex Steel S32750 Round Bars has outstanding corrosion resistance to an extensive range of media, by means of exceptional resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting in seawater and other chloride comprising atmospheres, through Critical Pitting Temperature beyond 50 Deg C.

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