SMO 254 Sheets

These SMO 254 Sheets has excellent workability and weldability. Our product is also used in aircraft construction, especially in making the frames and skin of experimental rocket planes and in many others. This Sheets offers reasonable solutions to nickel alloys and titanium in various atmospheres. They are widely used in various application industry such as oil and gas, chemical industry, nuclear industry, pulp & paper industry etc.



Deep Steel Alloy is an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of SMO 254 Sheets.  SMO 254 Plates is used in flue-gas cleaning, desalination, heat exchangers, and more. Hardening in 254 SMO Sheets can only be achieved through cold reduction. 250 SMO plates are also used in offshore oil and gas  production machinery, desalination equipment, and so on. This SMO 254 Sheet is soaring alloyed austenitic steel by means of excellent corrosion resistance. Alloy 254 Plates demonstrates outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion stress cracking, and corrosion fatigue uniform corrosion.


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