Nickel 201 Plates

Deep Steel Alloys is a known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Nickel 201 Plates, which has exceptional resistance to caustic alkalies at various temperatures and concentrations. Nickel alloy 201 Plates which resists attack from phosphoric acid and have been successfully used with nitric acid. These Nickel 201 Plates is unaffected by any of the weak bases such as ammonium hydroxide, even in high concentrations and at high temperatures.



Nickel 201 Plates is essentially the same as Nickel 200 Plates, but with a lower Carbon content to prevent embrittlement by inter granular carbon. Alloy 201 Plates are solid solution strengthened, commercially pure wrought materials with good mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures and excellent resistance to many corrosive, in particular hydroxides. This product is widely used in domestic and other industrial applications. We produce all the Nickel Alloy products using premium raw materials and using modern equipment’s.

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