Nickel 200 Fittings

Deep Steel offers a wide range of Nickel 200 Fittings, where we make sure that the consignments are timely delivered at customers’ destinations. Nickel Bend Butt Weld Pipe Fittings are commonly used for high temperature applications and highly corrosive environments or a combination of the two. Nickel is a corrosion resistant, highly versatile element which is used to maintain product purity especially in case of food processing. Nickel alloy forged fittings have prominent features which are magnetic properties, low vapor pressure and thermal conductivities.



Nickel alloy 200 fittings have magnet astrictive properties, high thermal conductivities and low gas content. Nickel 200 Forged has greatly improved structural stability compared with other type alloys, leading to fewer concerns during welding, fabrication, and service. Nickel 200 Forged Socket Weld coupling also withstands sulfuric, acetic, formic and phosphoric acids and other non – oxidizing media. These 200 fittings are made available in different size, grades, specification & thickness as per client’s requirements.

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