Monel k 500 Plates

Having a rich market knowledge, Deep Steel Alloys has been able to supply, trade and manufacture a wide range of Monel® K500 Plates. These K Monel 500 Plates is used for sea water impellers and pump shafts, in addition to being used in the oil well industries for valve trim and other parts. Monel K500 plates is a age-hardenable Nickel-Copper alloy which combines the corrosion resistance of Alloy 400. Hence, Alloy K500 plates has approximately three times the yield strength and double the tensile strength when compared with Alloy 400 Plates. Monel 500 plates could be further strengthened by performing a cold working procedure before the precipitation hardening process.



Monel K500 is non-magnetic. Monel 500 Plates are also typically used for industrial applications which include fasteners, springs and chain for marine service, pump and value components for chemical processing facilities as well as blades and scrapers used in pulp and paper production. We provide the Monel K500 Plates in different size, grade & specification to our client’s as per their requirements.

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