Monel k 500 Flanges

Monel® K500 Flanges may be used at all pressures and are available in a full-size range. They can be salvaged for use in systems that erode or corrode quickly. The chemical composition of Monel K500 Nippo Flanges provides great resistance to a lot of corrosive environments, such as pitting, crevice corrosion, inter – granular corrosion, and stress – corrosion cracking. Chromium in Monel K500 Spectacle Blind Flanges gives resistance to oxidizing conditions, such as nitric acid solutions, nitrates and oxidizing salts. These Inconel Flanges are widely used in various applications industry like Oil & Gas Industry, Chemical Industry, Engineering etc. These Monel K500 Flanges are available in different specification, dimension and thickness as per the client’s requirements.



Deep Steel offers a wide range of Monel Alloy K500 Flanges, which are manufactured under the supervision of our experienced professionals. Monel K500 Threaded Flanges (UNS N05500) has resistant to a sour – gas environment. Monel K500 Slip On Flanges is often used in Chemical Process Industry: such as in processes involving organic acids, caustic soda and dry chlorine, production of chlorinated plastics, and more.

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