Monel k 500 Round Bar

Monel® K500 Square Bars combines the outstanding corrosion resistance attribute of Monel 400 Bars by means of the additional benefits of greater hardness and strength. The UNS N05500 Monel K500 Bar Stock could also be used in manufacturing valve components for ships and offshore drilling towers, bolting as well as oil well drill collars and instrumentation components which are meant for use in production in the oil and gas industry. Our Monel K500 bars are extensively used in different application industries such as Fats & fertilizers, chemicals, Sugar Mills & Distillers, Ship Builders, Cement Industries, Paper Industries, and so on.



Deep Steel is a known manufacturer, supplier and exporter and it deals with best Monel K500 Round bars in a wide range. Monel K500 Bar are nickel copper alloy that are harden able in the precipitation in addition of titanium and aluminum. They retain the characteristics of outstanding resistance and posse’s greater strength and hardening when they are being compared with the monel 400. These are the wires that are well suited for centrifugal pump in the marine industries. we offer these products to our well – regarded clienteles in a number of designs.

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