Monel 400 Flanges

Monel® UNS N04400 flanges are utilized in pharmaceutical equipment, heat exchangers, condensers, power generation, etc. These Alloy 400 Flange are being make up from a wide range of monel alloy, by means of having elements in such as silicon, iron, manganese, zinc, silicon, copper magnesium, being added to boost the strength & melting point. We offer the complete range of Monel Flanges including Slip on, socket weld, blind, lapped, screwed, weld neck, reducing, etc.



Deep Steel offers a wide range of Monel 400 Flanges, where these products is being offered by us are manufactured using high quality metal. Monel 400 Blind Flanges are typified by their resistance to attack by acids and alkalis, as well as their high mechanical strength and good ductility. Alloy 400 Flanges is a high nickel alloy designed for applications which demand corrosion resistance and exceptional strength. Monel 400 Flanges is a solid solution that can be hardened by cold working.

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