Monel 400 Round Bar

Monel® K 400 Bar are used in various industries like condensers, Steel Industries, Oil & Natural Gas, gas processing, sugar mills & Distilleries, Petrochemicals, Cement Industries, Heat Exchangers, Paper industries. Monel 400 Rods is notable for its toughness, which is maintained over a considerable range of temperatures. Both cold – worked and hot – worked Alloy 400 Bars requires thermal treatment to develop the optimum combination of strength and ductility and to minimize distortion during subsequent machining.



Deep Steel is a known manufacturer, supplier and exporter and it deals with best Monel 400 Round bars in a wide range. These bars are manufactured using the superior quality raw material. Monel 400 bars are known for its resistance to various corrosive forms like the hydrofluoric acid, alkali, saltwater. We offers Monel Alloy 400 Round Bars, where in a way to achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction, we timely supply the deliveries from our end by means of the assistance of our extensive distribution network. Monel 400 Square Bars is recognized for its superior potency and corrosion resistant properties.

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