Inconel 800 Flanges

The nickel content makes Incoloy 800 Spectacle Blind Flanges highly resistant to both chloride stress – corrosion cracking and to embrittlement from precipitation of sigma phase. Incoloy 800 Spacer Flanges is often used in electric range heating – element sheathing; steam methane reforming furnaces and extruded tubing for ethylene; ammonia effluent coolers; etc. Incoloy 800HT Long Weld Neck Flanges is also used in Chemical & Petrochemical processing. The alloy is also known to stave off erosion in a number of aqueous atmospheres. These features have made Inconel® 800 flanges an effective tool in the construction of  equipment’s or components in applications such as the process piping, heat exchangers,  nuclear steam-generator tubing.



Deep Steel offers a wide range of Inconel 800 Flanges, which has some of the best features such as high tensile strength, tough design, durable and more. Incoloy 800 Slip On Flanges (UNS N08800) is used for process piping, heat exchangers, heating-element sheathing, carburizing equipment, and nuclear steam-generator tubing.

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