Inconel 625 Fittings

Deep Steel offers a wide range of Inconel® Fittings, which has excellent mechanical properties at both extremely low and extremely high temperatures. Because of this, the uses of these Inconel 625 Forged have expanded into a wide range of industries such as the chemical processing industry, and for marine and nuclear applications to make pumps and valves and other high pressure equipment. These buttweld fittings are used in various application industry such as chemical industry, oil & gas industry, nuclear reactors, aerospace and marine engineering, phosphoric and sulfuric acid plants etc.



Incoloy screwed-threaded fittings have small amounts of carbon, making them resistant to carburization; consequently, they are dual certified Nickel alloy fittings suitable to work in high-temperature structural services. These fittings possess corrosion combating skills from molybdenum and titanium, thus being a popular choice. We always aim to provide superior quality Inconel 625 socket weld, buttweld and forged weld fittings at most competitive price.

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