Inconel 625 Pipe

Deep Steel offers a superior quality of Inconel® 800 Pipe & Tubes. We offer a wide range of Alloy 625 Pipe Fittings, Accessories, which has excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance in a wide variety of corrosive environments including seawater and industrial acids. During cold working, Inconel 625 Ferrule Pipe Fittings work hardens more rapidly than traditional austenitic stainless steel. In the nuclear field, Inconel 625 Double Ferule Pipe Fittings may be used for reactor – core and control – rod components in nuclear water reactors.



The high content of Nickel used in the alloying of Inconel 625 welded Pipe enables the metal to withstand a wide variety of severe corrosive media containing environments. These Alloy 625 Pipes & Tubes are widely used in various applications industry like oil and gas, petrochemical, medicine, food, paper, machinery, natural gas, etc. The high molybdenum content, as noted by Inconel 625 Pipe suppliers in mumbai also makes this alloy grade very resistant to local corrosion like pitting and crevice corrosion. By adding niobium in the alloy, according to the Inconel 625 tube suppliers aids in the prevention of subsequent intergranular cracking. We are one of the well-known Inconel 625 Tubes suppliers, manufactures and exporters in the market.

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