Hastelloy C22 Fittings

Deep Steel Alloys offers a wide range of Hastelloy® C22 Fittings, which are made and available in varied sizes, dimensions, lengths and specifications in order to suit the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Hastelloy C22 Elbow Pipe Fittings (UNS N06022) is extremely resistant to corrosion in oxidizing and reducing environments. The high chromium content in Hastelloy C22 Fittings provides good resistance to oxidizing media. Hastelloy UNS N06022 helps with giving less frictional resistance to the fluids compared to other fittings. One of its great features is excellent weldability and resistance to crevice corrosion.



Hastelloy C22 Fittings also be successfully deep–drawn, spun, press formed, or punched, although the alloy tends to work – harden. Hastelloy C22 Fittings have outstanding resistance to both reducing and oxidizing media, and because of their versatility can be used where “upset” conditions are likely to occur or in multipurpose plants. Hastelloy C22 Fittings have excellent resistance to oxidizing aqueous media including wet chlorine and mixtures including oxidizing or nitric acids.

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