904L Round bar

mechanical properties and fabricability is excellent design features. Resistance to sulfuric acid is particularly exceptional, but these 904L Stainless Steel Round Bars shows useful resistance in phosphoric acid, nitric acid as well as in chloride environments. Stainless Steel 904L bars have uncountable features such as good resistance to corrosion, good weld ability and formability, maximum service temperature, good resistance to the crevice and pitting corrosion.



Deep Steel is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the 904L Round Bar. 904L is a kind of stainless steel that has high alloy and low carbon content. It is a grade that is used for severe corrosive conditions. It is approved and standardized for pressure vessel used in various places. There are various kinds of product s are available that have 904L such as bars, wires, pipes and much more. These Stainless Steel 904L Square Bars is known for good corrosion, heat, oxidation resistance, and its decorative nature. It is important to note that when well – polished or buffed, then the corrosion resistance of our Stainless Steel 904L Flat Bars increases.


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